How often do I wear bow ties and for which occasions?

How often do I wear bow ties and for which occasions?

I used to wear neckties all the time. Then one day I dated a classy lady who suggested that I should wear a bow tie to an event she was planning. So I went shopping for my first bow tie at the mall. It took me a while to figure out how to tie it, but it was worth the effort. I looked so much better than I typically did wearing a necktie. People loved it and I got tons of compliments all night. Now I wear bow ties almost all the time besides when I go to job interviews and formal business meetings. A necktie means business and work. A bow tie means fun and play with class. Even James Bond, one of my favorite movie characters, looks much better when he wears a bow tie. 

The best occasions to wear a bow tie are weddings, soirees, religious services, dates, dinners, and festive receptions where guests do a champagne toast. I'm a collector. I collect bow ties and my favorite bow ties are made by EKOSIMBA. They handcraft some of the classiest bow ties I've worn and I buy them at a very affordable price of about twenty dollars. I now wear ready-to-wear bow ties because I don't enjoy spending half an hour in front of the mirror trying to make sure my self-tie bow tie looks right. When you can, wear a bow tie with a dinner jacket or a tuxedo.


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